More jars and seeds

To help make the front yard look not so scraggly, I chopped off all the chive blossom heads.  And got a lot of seeds in the process.  Hey, I’m not going to ignore ‘free’ seeds.  You don’t even want to know how many chive seeds I have nowadays.

My aunt came across these somehow in the last week.  My mom emailed me, and I managed to check my email before hubby went driving past aunt and uncle’s town.  He came home with 14 dozen quarts.  I still have to scrub and then pack them up(come on folks, don’t store jars with the damn rings – rust is not easy or fun to scrub off!), but yay!  Free jars!

Beginning of consumable school supplies.  Had the cashier ask me if I was a preschool teacher.  Well, kinda.  Better to be prepared, and really, can you ever have too many glue sticks with kids around?


4 thoughts on “More jars and seeds

  1. Serious chive envy here!  All of mine died.  Nothing came of them at all.  Have to go find more seed for fall planting.  What a score on the jars!!!! Awesome!  I can’t get over how many jars I find with the rings on.  Some people just don’t understand…. I store all my jars bottom up.  They go in the boxes clean but it helps keep the random dust bunnies that get in there from breeding.  Just saves a step or 2 in washing.  Oh, as a homeschooler, ,you should qualify for the teachers discounts!  Craft and fabric stores.  Looks like you have a good jump on the supplies

  2. Too many glue sticks?  Never.  Too many jars?  Never.  I’ve been surveying my supply and wondering if I’m going to have enough wide-mouthed pints and jam/jelly jars this year. Seem to have made an awful lot of jam already and we’re no where near grape season …

  3. I noticed this August 8-28 there are various Back-to-school sales for Educators and some stores can give off to 30% off if you prove you homeschool!  Love getting lots of jars and I also love free seeds.

  4. @katidids – @perryhillfarm – Those crafty things?  Dollar section at Target.  No worries, I’m cheap.  There aren’t a ton of specialty stores in the area to buy from anyway, and most of the retail chains don’t do the teacher discount thing (except maybe Office Depot or Staples? that have way inflated prices to start with so I almost never step foot in those).

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