This sure makes me feel a helluva lot better about just going at the 6yo’s pace.  Which, btw, is not as fast right now as the local public school I believe.  He doesn’t read, and yes, sometimes his letters and numbers are backwards.  It’ll all fall into place when he’s ready.

Teaching our Children to Read, Write and Spell by Susan Johnson.

One thought on “Wow

  1. I only skimmed the article, but I totally agree – that’s why we did unschooling the first couple of years. Eli was so “behind” in reading compared to public school ideals, but one day it all just clicked (around 8.5 or 9) suddenly he could pick up and a book and the whole idea of reading just made sense. until that he just didn’t get it.The most annoying part of homeschooling is that people don’t just hold you to a public school standard, but often a higher one. as if since you’re going to be schooling in and inferior way you must prove how good a job is being done by how incredible talented and gifted your child are kids are kids are kids. I get so sick of the pressure on them to be adults. ugh.(Eli went to public school kindergarten and that was enough of the taste of public school for me)

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