What’s left of the garden

The sage went to seed, as did the [lower] plant in front… either oregano or marjoram.  Need to figure out if I can still harvest the leaves below the flowers still or not…

Horseradish bounced back.

Lots of blackberry blooms.  We shall see.

Brought in some rhubarb from the yard.  Made one batch of strawberry-rhubarb jam, have enough chopped rhubarb for another batch.

Um, yeah.  Got raspberries?

My lovely little lilies.

The Mystery Machine appeared in the last few weeks.  Who knows.  Amusing at the very least.

Hubby went strawberry picking with me last week. 30 pounds, give or take.

Beginnings of jam.

Three batches of jam down at this point.  I’m still working on even more from those berries above.  All freezer jam.  Too exhausted to do canned jam, plus the freezer stuff tastes better anyway.


3 thoughts on “What’s left of the garden

  1. I borrow/use my neighbors things all the time. Maybe he’ll do an exchange, you lend him a kid and he’ll lend you the van. Win win.

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