We’re fine

Kids are okay (well, alive), I’m slogging along.  The 4.5mo (5mo next week!) is teething something fierce.  Hubby was the first to feel the lump of gum where a tooth will most likely appear at some point.  A friend’s babysitting the olders for me (today and tomorrow) to give me a break.  I got to sit and nurse and de-poop the babe more times than I can remember, oh, and I ate like two lunches.  Heh.  Seems eating fairly regularly is important.  I do have an appt with a naturopath tomorrow afternoon, wish me luck that he agrees with me and is okay with my tentative plan.

I’ve got photos I haven’t uploaded yet.  Grabbed some rhubarb from the yard that’s in the fridge waiting for it’s demise.  Have a gallon and a half of strawberry puree in the fridge, and still have some strawberries hubby and babe and I picked a few days ago (yeah, whoops, but most still look decent) that are also waiting for me in the fridge.  I ran out of freezer jars the other day, so I had to round up more for the next bout of jam.  Then it’s just random berries for the rest of the season to eat fresh. 

Lots of homeschooling ideas.  The 6yo had the brilliant idea of “when Daddy has his office in the basement [the scary non-conforming 4th bedroom], we can have the home school in the den!”  Thought about it for a little bit, and blast it if the kiddo isn’t right.  We can plaster up a timeline and map and whatever else up on the wall next to the wood stove that we can’t put any furniture or anything on.  We can put bookcases/shelving on the one side by the walkthrough to the laundry room.  The internet connection is right there, and we can set up a computer desk and everything-else table right there so we can keep an eye on the kids and what they’re doing/looking up online.  Because instead of a wall, we have a see-thru railing from the dining room to the den.    Then we can have a few toys in their room, a few in the guest room, a few in the living room, and the bulk in part of the main basement room.

Anyway, I want to get several math manipulatives for the kiddos since they’re very much hands-on.  Got a good deal on most of a Sonlight Core (minus a few books, I can fix that later on if need be or just hit the library), MIL got a few neato placemat-like things that the boys absolutely adore, and I’ve been getting all kinds of ideas from various places.  But I don’t think I need to worry about being too structured… 

Lately we’ve been watching Toy Story a bit.  The 6yo and 4yo were intrigued by the Picasso reference, plus my friend that’s been babysitting them has a hs’ing 10yo who was doing something Picasso related.  I hit the library for Picasso books, and man, were they enthralled.  6yo totally soaked it all up.  Yes, the little mechanical guy.  Even if he can’t quite wrap his mind around the entire thought/prospect of art.  To where today, at Costco, they had some display with a ton of big paintings.  6yo was grilling me, asking if any of them were by Picasso and so on.  Oh, and now they want a few more Mr. Potato Heads so they can go all Picasso on ’em with a nose in the arm hole, a nose for the feet, etc.  So cute sometimes, despite the tantrums.

No groovy job news.  Unless you count hubby still having a job, which is definitely good.  I just need to get myself normal(ish) again so I can handle the kids/house/me/everything on my own.  If things do change – like the house actually sells (haven’t home sales plummeted like 30% in the last few months?), hubby’s job shifts, whatever, it’ll be fine.  Just need to get the house organized and ready for us to bring back all the stuff we have in the storage unit and go along our merry way.


5 thoughts on “We’re fine

  1. ok I’m a bit confused… why are you bringing stuff back out of storage? are you not selling now or?Ven got his first tooth at 6 months. I was shocked! the others were a yr. how in the world can that baby be 5 months!?!?

  2. OMG. If you convert the basement or a future basement into a homeschool can I help make the wall timeline and map and everything?

  3. @Vicki – We’ve already got a laminated map, I just forget whether it’s of the US or the world, and timeline, we’ve got lots and lots of paper.  😀  The wall that the den and laundry room share is the one I’m thinking of, since we can’t put any furniture there.

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