Ooooh, totally drool-worthy!

Came across this way too groovy giveaway tonight.  A Bosch mixer!

Oh please oh please oh please pick me – this would just be awesome!
I went to a cooking class at my local Bosch shop here several years ago, and was just smitten with that mixer.  I have a Kitchen Aid professional mixer, but man, even mixing up two loaves of bread can be a challenge.  Gingerbread cookies?  Better not be attempting a double batch. 
I have a friend that has a Bosch that’s almost as old as she is, and it is still going and going and going.  I’ve tasted her fresh bread before, I know it works.    But since I haven’t pushed my KA to it’s limits to burn out the motor, I haven’t been able to justify purchasing another mixer (even if it is a fraction of the weight!).  At least not yet.  Mwahaha.


2 thoughts on “Ooooh, totally drool-worthy!

  1. I hadn’t seen the bosch!  I got a KA for christmas and the bowl flew off the base and bent the wisk up the second time I used it….beating cream for butter!  Still haven’t heard from them to repair/replace! Good luck in the drawing

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