It went.

Well, the showing happened. 
Haven’t heard from the realtor yet what parts of the house absolutely terrified the couple, so who knows.  And plans may change at some point here, to boot.  I don’t know what the hell’s going on or what’s going to happen, so meh.  I’m still going to work on getting the basement and den and laundry room less scary and dealing with the laundry situation, but whatever, I’m done attempting to work my ass off cleaning and then paying dearly for it the next few days and constantly being frustrated at/with the kids.  Maybe I’ll get a box of jars packed up at a time, who knows.  I’ll embrace the “single” life, whatever.

I’d rather concentrate on more fun things like what I need to can up this year.  Because this year’s garden is pretty slim pickings and mostly a bust, and because I have less than two dozen jars each of peaches and pears, about 5 dozen jars of applesauce, and 1-3 jars of strawberry freezer jam left.  I can take care of the strawberry jam issue next week, but peaches don’t come on until late July at the very earliest.  Gotta make that fruit streeeeetch until then.

My tentative preserving plans this year?
For canning:
Lots of strawberry freezer jam – think at least 8-12 batches
Few batches of seedless raspberry freezer jam
200+ quarts peaches
250-300+ quarts pears
300+ quarts applesauce
12+ quarts pear sauce, maybe
12-36 pints diced tomatoes
Another try at pickles

Maybe grape juice and apple cider, we’ll see how moving is going along down the road in October.  But the rest of the fruit?  We have to have, regardless.  Buying it from the store in those little tin cans is freakin’ expensive (even with case sales!), and my canning hasn’t had may bulge issues as of yet (just one issue with a lame zucchini relish I attempted, the cheapo lids didn’t seal, but meh, the relish kinda sucked anyway).

For dehydrating:
Carrots, peas, corn, green beans, celery, apples, some blueberries and huckleberries.  Also the usual suspect herbs – basil, rosemary, thyme, stevia, chocolate mint, parsley.  Maybe even spinach and zucchini and cherries, we’ll see what craziness I’m up to.

Then as winter hits I can attack a bag or two of dried beans and pressure can them up so they’re ready to go, and deal with whatever stocks I need to replenish.  I still have a carcass or two in my freezer, but haven’t had the drive/inclination to make stock and actually get around to canning it.

Oh, for the weirdness category.  Hubby’s fabulous transmission guy actually had a loaner van we could borrow.  So we aren’t paying through the nose for a vehicle this week. 
It’s quite the van.  It’s a Dodge Caravan.  Not sure what year it is.  It has 270K miles.  Is on it’s second or third transmission.  Has a bad computer chip or something so it acts possessed and the wipers randomly go off.  A back speaker crackles randomly.  The automatic door lock at 15mph sounds like a bee in a bullhorn (well, of the doors that lock).  Shifts hard from 2nd to 1st.  The cupholders are floppy and don’t stay in place (and are probably permanently dirty?).  Finally, it has that wonderful Dodge minivan odor that they seem to get as they age – like a sweet car BO from too many car scent trees/candles – not as bad as other vans I’ve been in though.  It’s a trip.  Definitely makes me appreciate our relatively clean Honda Odyssey, that’s for damn sure.


4 thoughts on “It went.

  1. Oh girl ..I am at  a loss for words ! Just letting you know I am thinking of you all! Keep me posted ! and keep letting me know what all you are doing in the canning subject also ,I have learned so much about canning from you 🙂

  2. older cars really do make you appreciate new ones! especially when you have kids. between good cars/vans I’ve had those terrible temporary things myself. it’s like driving becomes this huge chores instead of just a trip between point A and point B.I’m so glad you got the house seen. it’s like you got your foot in the door now. I think that’s a good thing!

  3. I’m amazed at the quantities of fruit that you plan to put up!  That can’t be just one year’s supply?  You would have to go through like 3-4 quarts of fruit a day to use it up!

  4. @Mara – We need 1 quart a meal for just the bottomless pits we call the 6yo, 4yo and 2yo – need another pint/quart if hubby and I (or Grandma) want any fruit.  We don’t buy a ton of tin-canned stuff from the grocery much anymore.  We tend to have more than one meal a day, too. 

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