First showing…

That’s right, tomorrow afternoon.  Crap.  Still picking up pieces from having 7 people in the house this weekend, and the kids stuck indoors all day today because of rain/mud.  Well, at least a few rooms still look okay, including my sparkling pantry. 

Mixing up a batch of cookies right now to throw in the freezer (among other nefarious reasons), and am going to leave some fresh cookies out with a note.  Does this sound okay and not entirely goofy?

Pardon the clutter, pardon the mess
Despite the children and several projects
We’re working as fast as we can
To make this the home where you want to land.

English was not my favorite subject in school, and poetry and rhyming totally escape my realm of existence, as evidenced.  Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “First showing…

  1. Thank you for your comment!  It’s pretty amazing so far…I’ve never felt like this before and I’ve never started off with trust from the get-go.  Our feelings for each other are already pretty strong…I’m kinda waiting to see who’s going to say the L word first!

  2. Thats a great Idea!  I love your poem.. I was in a similar situation on our last move.  Hubby had already moved to indiana & I was in VA with the kids with a house to sell and packup.  I never did find out how to pack and live in a house with children and still look presentable.  Its funny now but then…..I nearly hurt the realtor when he mentioned my breeding dust bunnies.  As happy as I was to move it was a gut buster when we walked through the empty house for the last time.    In all you “spare time” you might sketch out a plot of what is planted where in the yard for the next family.  Really glad I found your blog.

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