So, yeah

Remember what I said about Murphy? 
Now it’s the damn transmission. 
Come on. 
Haven’t we had enough the last few years?  What next?  A freak once-every-400-years tornado to take out the house?

But I guess in decent news, the areas I’ve gotten semi-clean have stayed relatively tidy.  Ish.  I keep using that darned kitchen oddly enough. 
Other places look awful still though.  The master bedroom still looks like the dryer barfed on it.  The den looks like hell as it’s the current dumping ground for things that don’t have a home, the laundry room has 6yo dust bunnies, the basement looks marginally better from all my packing various things up, the pantry still looks like I’m a crazy freak bomb shelter throw-back, and the garage is still stuffed with home improvement goodies that haven’t been used yet.  So it could be a good thing we haven’t had a single showing yet.  But the agent open house/house tour is next week on the girl’s birthday.  So I need to get cracking later this week.


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