Think happy thoughts. Well, nevermind.

I had this all typed out before I had been updated…  According to hubby, it sounds like this place may be under contract now or shortly.  Damn.  It may also have septic issues, but hey, those could be dealt with depending.  Still.  Damn.  Now to find another purple unicorn in the metro area.  May take several years or a lottery ticket. 

So, until we win the lottery, be ready to talk me off the ledge after yet another call to “quiet down” from a landlord because we’ll be stuck in an 800-900sf apartment that isn’t properly sound-proofed/insulated and I’ve had yet another meltdown about lack of garden space because I’m really, truly freaking out about 2012 (as in continuous stomach churning worrying).  My gut feelings haven’t steered me wrong before, and I’m not going to do well if I have no little plot of land to mess around with.

As much as I adore living up here with my own little suburban homestead and friends and produce hookups and all that jazz, it’s time for a change.  Hubby has more options for employment down there anywho.  Up here the only choices are basically two firms – the one that laid him off, the one that supposedly wants to hire him, but hasn’t had funds to follow through since September when he interviewed there (yes, hubby’s been in contact with them periodically).  Two firms does not a successful career make – odds are we’d have to move at some point regardless.  More choices/employment options in a 20-30 mile radius down there = better for his career.  You know, that pesky paying the bills thing.   

Which brings me to…  This is what I’m completely salivating over down where hubby’s working. 
It’s .41 acres.  With it’s own well.  With it’s own septic.  In a highly developed area.

It’s a long, skinny lot so the house itself is kinda close to neighbors, but not near as bad as the townhouses where you can tell when your neighbor is brushing their teeth.  But land!  It a metro area!  Eeep!  Think good thoughts.

The house is rough.  It’s been empty for over a year and a half.  Needs some major, major things redone inside and out.  But for the current price, depending on if/how we can negotiate, is doable for us, if we can convince a bank of or intentions and all.  And we’d get what we want.    Granted, it’s 1400sf give or take, but if it’s laid out decent enough, it can work for us.

The rhody up front is going gangbusters.  😀
I think a bunch of those bushes could be ripped out to make way for blueberry bushes and strawberries and raspberries and lilies and herbs and so on.  I’ve already got grand plans for how things could be laid out.  Throw in a few fruit trees for fun, and there you go.

The circular drive up front.  I kinda like that it and the drive to the back (by the side of the house) isn’t paved.  Better for rain and snow to be soaked up.

All I can think is that raspberries or tayberries would be fabulous up here in that ledge by the fence.

What I’ve already termed “the back 40.” 

Isn’t that giant tree in the middle just awesome?!?  I’m thinking for the kids to climb up or to build a treehouse in.  Heh.

It’s rough and overgrown.  But can’t you just see garden beds every which way?   Might do all raised beds with pea gravel on the ground between beds or something like that this next time around – less weeds/weeding for me.

And more garden beds and fruit trees near the perimeter?

And a chicken coop in this corner somewhere?  The 6yo is way, way excited to have chickens.


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