The outside.

It looks like a yard!  Hubby was busy today.  He did a bunch of clean-up out there with some “help” from the kids.  Mowing just the lawn makes a huge, huge, huge difference.

See?  Not so jungle-like.

Even the shed looks cute.

Back of the house.  Yeah, several things still need to happen on this side.

Mmm…  Purple asparagus.

Lots of asparagus.  Damnit.  Figures.

Blackberries gone wild.

Concord grapes.  Again, damn.

My herb pot.  Sage.  Rosemary.  Creeping Thyme.  Marjoram.  Oregano.

It’s lilac time.

The girl’s pansies.  And some lettuce sprouts.

Finally got the pear trees into pots.  After being attacked by ants who think the compost pile is their new home.  I beg to differ.  Still need to dig up my other baby fruit trees.  Will need hubby to do that for me.

Shallots on the left.  Peas in the cages.

Got raspberries?  I do.  Yet again, damnit.  Needs weeded and mulched though.

Pretty apple blossoms.

Salad bed.  Greenery on the left is all overwintered carrots.  To the right is onions, pansies, lettuce, and a lone zucchini sprout.  Chocolate mint in the pot.

Front of the house.  Working on spiffing up the flower beds up there.  Why yes, I’ve watched much HGTV.  Curb appeal and all.

Still in progress.  Need to weed, tidy up the chives, add some color (pansies, marigolds, whatever).

Hubby attacked the roses for me.  Still need to divide the lilies.

At least I got this part weeded and cleaned up.  Chives, overwintered onions (that I may take – they set seed on year 2+).  6yo helped me plant peas and cucumbers to leave climbing up this sad trellis we were going to toss (now the new owners can deal with it!).

Aha, one photo of me this year!  Made hubby go grab the camera.  They’re 23mo and 3mo.

Photos of the inside later as I get happier with the results.  Slowly but surely.


One thought on “The outside.

  1. wow you got a lot done. I worked in the yard today and I’m sticky and dirty and gross. but it feels good when you look outside and see it all done (and try to ignore all I didn’t manage to get done!)

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