Progress maybe?

Cautiously hopeful.  Maybe.

A friend watched the older three Tues-Fri for me this last week.  It was niiiiice.  I made a huge dent in the kitchen.  Almost done.  Hubby’s spackled holes, gotten some trim issues in-progress around the new patio door.  I’ve continuously packed, almost run out of packing paper, reorganized the kitchen, etc.  Also gave said friend two van loads of crap for her rummage sale to raise money for a service dog for her kiddo…  was just going to toss stuff at Goodwill, but this works, too. 

Still have an assload of laundry to fold and put away, a basement to clean out and stage, the non-conforming basement bedroom staged as extra craft/storage, the guest room all cleaned out, the toys in strategic places (I’m thinking blocks in the living room, tonka’s and trains in basement, pipes in boys’ room and kitchen/toybox in guest room…), bathrooms to scrub down, and so on.  Blah.  So I’m around, busy, etc. 


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