I’m around

My second kiddo turned 4yo.  Photos are somewhere.

I officially got another year older.  6yo made it complete by barfing that night.  No birthday in my house is complete without someone barfing.

Think I might have PPD.  Good times.

2 thoughts on “I’m around

  1. you have every stress in the world to cause PPD. I had PPD after Eva was born big time. it was very difficult to function. Life was just a whirlwind of exhaustion and frustrations – none of which I could fix or change. I felt stuck, tired and more tired.  It was a very difficult time and I feel for anyone going through it. It’s not something to take lightly.I know I can’t do anything much for you physically, but i am always here if you want to talk. and i hope by now you know me well enough to know that I mean that. You’re a good mom, and a good wife… this is a bump in the road of your good life. It will pass and you will make it through I promise. (I know that seems like a obvious thing to say, but some days are about survival mode! and it seems right now that is where you are.)If there is anything I can do I’m here. Feel like taking a vacation to VA? come spend a week with me. sometimes just being somewhere else can clear your head. your kids could play with mine and we’ll let them romp through the woods together while we sit on the porch and drink tea and pretend life is easy 😉  I know it probably seems like too much work to come all the way here at this point in your life…. but my door is always open. If I had a way to come there for a week or two and help you I totally would.

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