Photo dump of the last week or two…

I finally got to meet a wonderful gal I “met” many many moons ago on a birth club for our 4yo’s, and then ended up hanging out more yapping about gardening.    She and her new hubby were passing through on their honeymoon and got to stay a night and hang out with me and the kids.  So neat.

The backyard.  My fabulous friend above and her new husband yanked a bunch of strawberry plants from one bed to transplant to the freshly tilled bed.

Wood pile’s a bit decimated this year.  Heh.

Apple blossom.  Nope, no groovy photoshopping, just a happy accident with me moving while the camera did it’s thing.  I like happy accidents sometimes.

The youngest two.  She loves him a little too much sometimes.  It’s usually cute though.

Love the adorable scrunchy face.  He cracks me up on a daily basis (and has me cursing almost as often due to me only having two hands and not six, but still).

This is what I had for story time tonight just before bed.  I couldn’t resist.  So darned cute.  Yup, all my boys together.


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