It’s amazing what 5 hours of sleep can do for a gal.

Seriously.  I got 5 hours of sleep on Monday night.  I had houseguests even.

So, I finally got to meet Miss C.  She and her hubby were driving past my vicinity here on their honeymoon, so we planned for them to come hang out for a day.  To give them a break from sleeping on the ground (they’re most doing campsites), they bunked down in the guest room to snore away with the 22mo.  Girl’s used to snoring though – Ganoo (her word for my mom) snores like a freight train and it doesn’t phase her hardly at all.  While Miss C was here, she and her hubby transplanted a bunch of strawberry plants for me.    Every little bit helps.

So then I’d also had a friend scheduled to watch the older three for me today.  Got them out of the house really early for me (I have a problem with being on time, especially with my brood), dropped off, and back home with the sleepy babe.  Said farewell to my friends, nursed kiddo down, and got to work.  Went out and planted the cinderblock bed after pulling a few weeds and adding some compost.  Planted more pots and watered everything.  Even got myself a little sunburnt.  Whoops. 

Then I attacked some part of the house.  I got a lot done, but I don’t dare say what since I’m not telling hubby and just letting him see for himself when he comes home this weekend.  I am still quite impressed with myself. Mwahaha.  Photos later. 

To get more in the yard done, I think I’m going to try to do a garden party or five.  In exchange for transplanting/weeding the strawberry beds and weeding the asparagus beds, I’ll feed folks yummy things, help run interference with their kids (in addition to my own), and send them home with strawberry plants.  Think it’ll work?

4 thoughts on “It’s amazing what 5 hours of sleep can do for a gal.

  1. We really enjoyed our visit and so glad to finally meet you and the kiddos.  I really enjoyed gardening since I haven’t done much here so I got my fix until Monday when I go back to work.  :)I totally forgot to ask to try out your, I think you have a babyhawk carrier?  Oh well, might just have to buy one.  LOL!  Hoping you get all the help you need.  So glad we could make a dent.  🙂

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