“I’m bored.”

You know, I hear folks complain about their children saying this. 
But you know, I don’t know that I remember hearing it from any of our kids. 
Possibly once or thrice from the 6yo, but nothing huge by any stretch.

I hope/kinda want to say it’s how we’re raising them, but I couldn’t say for sure.  We have creative-type toys for them.  Duplos, trains, books, the yard, etc.  Nothing besides a few trains and flashlights that require batteries at any rate.  If they’re bored, they find something to do.  Put away the blocks and haul out the trains.  Go find some paper and draw away.  Find a book and flip through it.  Become mine or hubby’s shadows and follow us around with whatever we’re doing.  Get dressed or partly dressed to go play in the yard.  Sometimes they’ll sit still, but honestly, it’s few and [very] far between. 

The 6yo would have done awful in school this year.  Just awful.  He has too much physical energy he needs to get out in the course of the day, and teacher(s) would curse me.  Of course his attention span kinda sucks when he’s not interested (well, I’m guilty of the same thing – start talking thermodynamics and my eyes glaze over I’m sure), is much slower to pick up on the more polite things (chew with your mouth closed, talk normally/softly inside the house, that kind of thing) than his younger brother and sister, and so on.


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