It’s a lizard!!!

Wednesday, Feb 17th.

Had annoying false/practice labor from about 8am-4pm.  Had no appetite or thirst really whatsoever – had a Starbucks hot chocolate, some magic pills, two water bottles and Floridax.  Then I started getting some really heinous occasional contractions when the 19mo and I woke up from naps a little after 4pm.  Decided I’d better eat something, and made some Velveeta shells and cheese.  Only when I’m pregnant do I want crap like that.  Choked down some of it, despite not really being all that hungry.  And had some more water.  From then on, just random, heinous contractions that lasted a minute, but with a 3-5-6 minute break in between.  Called hubby around 9pm to see how mad work would be if he took off, but this ended up being just false labor.  Had a contraction on the phone, he thought I was in labor.  So I called the midwife to see if she could come check me to see whether this was faking me out or actually headed somewhere.  She needed to get dressed and swing by the birth center for her goodies, and would be over shortly.

She got here around…  a little before 10pm I want to say.  And I’d been laboring in several different positions by this point.  Nothing really helped, everything sucks and my hips still hurt and were squished.  The most comfortable place to labor ended up being on my side on the bed again.  Anyway, after the midwife got here, I had my first vaginal exam of the pregnancy.  πŸ˜‰  I was 5-6cm dilated, around 70% effaced.  Game on.  Called hubby, said get in the car and start driving (I think he’d already started packing up and was about to go gas up his car).  He said he’d give me a call later on while he was driving, I had a very enthusiastic “no” for him.  I was not going to be chatting on the phone during contractions, sorry.

Kept having one really, long, annoying contraction, followed by one or two quick medium ones, then what always seemed like a really long break that I’d kinda doze off through, or chat about Ghost Hunters with the midwives or whatever.  Before, I have not been a chatty person in labor.  This time?  Apparently.  But I still couldn’t get remotely comfy.  Every position pretty much sucked – kneeling, on all fours on the bed…  The least annoying were laying on my side.  Then I finally got to the point of really wanting to be able to push.  Not the 100% urge, but like 80% – like a decent push would break my water and finally get this show on the road.  Every position sucked.  I’d made it through transition (wow, after freezing for hours before that transition was intense!), and then hit that plateau.  Where it was just contraction, contraction, contraction, break.  With no real urge to do anything but hang on for the ride.  But I really did want to push.  Every position we tried again didn’t feel quite right, put extra pressure on my hips/pelvis, and again, just sucked.  Ended up back in the bathroom.  We have the little/standard seat toilets because our bathrooms are so small, not the giant, elongated/high toilets you can find at the hospital or the awesome one at my midwife’s office.  Being there on the toilet helped intensify the contractions, and I really ended up wanting to push.  But the midwives had to push up on my belly from my hips in order for me to be able to push.  It was the strangest thing at the time, yet it worked.  According to them, I started pushing at 1:51am, but I think I had a contraction or two before then where I got kiddo’s head down the birth canal but not quite out.  And then….

This is what came out.  πŸ˜€

February 18th, 1:52am
20.5 inches
14 inch head
15.5 inch shoulders (hence why my pelvis hurt something awful, and they had to help push the kiddo up so I could get it out)
And it’s a boy!  Not exactly what I was expecting, but eh.  There’s worse things.  πŸ˜€

So yeah, this poor kiddo was born on the toilet.  Apparently I have a thing for off-the-wall.  But hey, easy peasy cleanup for the midwives!  Most of it (except the kiddo) landed in the toilet, with some on the linoleum.  Tried to get kiddo latched on, he was just too happy and content to be skin-to-skin with mommy under a towel.  Let the umbilical cord do it’s thing, then pushed out the placenta (yup, still the oddball on the toilet).  Then I ended up cutting the umbilical cord, then slowly waddling with a chux pad over to the bed to recline for a bit.  Sat and cuddled with kiddo while one midwife went back to the birth center for the herbal bath goodies and got that ready here for me and kiddo.  Other midwife and I chatted, she weighed and measured kiddo (only time he got a bit cranky/crying was the brief time he was chilly and she was trying to weigh him with the sling contraption).  Once I felt up to moving again, slowly, we headed for the bath.  After I warmed up and got kiddo sorta cleaned up, I heard clattering downstairs.  Hubby’d finally gotten home, and got to meet his newest babe.  Then we all got situated, midwives left around 4:30am, and we fell asleep by about 5/5:30am  Grandma got to get up with the other hooligans this morning, so hubby, new baby boy and I got to sleep until about 11am or so.  That was a nice nap.

And now this is what I have on my lap.  πŸ˜€  Very nice lap warmer I have to say.

So I’m currently avoiding the other kids so babe can sleep and I don’t have to chase them.  Kiddo also latches really well when he wants, but I don’t think his stomach has caught up with his eyes yet – he’ll gulp, gulp, gulp away, then burp up half of it.  Goofy boys.  He’s also really, really mellow so far.  Some of that may be the sleepiness, we’ll see how that pans out. 


13 thoughts on “It’s a lizard!!!

  1. I figured you’d been here… I posted on Facebook already.WOW, Lanna, you are so cool! I’m glad it was all smooth and hubby got there safely. That baby is adorable!!! Enjoy your quiet moments and rest with him. Congratulations, again!Btw, no joke, if you need extra hands I can hop on a train next week!

  2. yeah!! I didnt even read the post yet… I just had to write yeah first! I thought you were having that baby today since you didn;t get back to me like you usually do :)woohoo!

  3. ok so i read it…  yeah I just didn’t except you to have the baby this quickly.  before not hearing fomr you I had you pegged for another week and a half. shows what I know.your dipes are on the way…. and something else later on too.

  4. Congratulations!! Happy to hear you and babe are healthy I’ve seen the ‘move’ where midwives apply pressure to the top of both sides of the pelvis, so the bottom can open up and allow shoulders through. (I cannot remember what it’s called at the moment) THIS is exactly why midwives are amazing – b/c no OB would take the time to do this … you’d be on wheels to the OR for a c-section.Anywho – rest up, enjoy, and let us know once ‘he’ has a name

  5. …just checkin in on you. hope everything is going smoothly for your babymoon. (though I know a 4th babymoon is nothing like a 1st lol – hopefully it’s still a little peaceful πŸ˜‰  )

  6. What a sweetie! Congrats! I just had my 4th in Dec and now I have 3 boys and 1 girl too. And my 2nd was born on the toilet as well LOL! It sounds like you had a good birth, enjoy your babymoon with your sweet new baby boy. 4 kids is a new level of chaos I tell you, but also so much fun!

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