No Thank You, We Don’t Believe in Socialization!
Fun article.

Was just browsing a few hs’ing threads on a forum.  Found a few lovely nuggets of smart-aleck-ness and good thoughts to use/reflect on later on if need be…

My standard response to the overprotectiveness accusations is: “You can teach kids to deal with something without making them go through it themselves.  In fact, it is usually better to verbally tell them how to stop, drop and roll than to set them on fire and let them figure it out.”

There are lots of adults who have trouble dealing or are freaks or whatever else it is that people say will happen to your homeschooled kid.  But most people went to school so obviously it’s not school that is teaching kids how to grow up to be well balanced functioning adults.

That whole “dealing with mean bosses” thing really bothers me. People are acknowledging that school sets children up to accept less in life and to “deal with” abuse, but they don’t see it. I want my children to grow up to be assertive and firm and not to be “yes men” I intentionally raise them to have no fear of authority. Respect, yes, but not that unhealthy fear that cripples the American working class and keeps them in jobs they hate and in lives that are meaningless.

An adult has the option of finding a new job. A child (without a parent’s intervention) does not have the option of finding a new school. It is irritating when uninformed people assert that school is anything resembling adult life.

IME, most of the bullying that goes on in schools would be considered harassment and/or assault in the adult world.

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