It’s that time of year again!

Year in Review
(Take the first sentence of your first entry of the month and viola!  It’s like blog mad-libs.)

January.  Cool.  This’ll be fun to play with.
February.  I have a few recipes this week that I’m playing with that call(ed) for refrigerated pie crusts.
March.  I think I just peed myself a little…  In a good way.
April.  Holy drama, Batman!
May.  Well then.  Had some excitement the other day.
June.  Garden’s mostly planted.
July.  Neutral news, bad news, and the garden.
August.  You can burn stuff in the dehydrator.  Yes you can.
September.  I’m drooling over pretty diapers.  Again.
October.  350 pounds of apples.
November.  Dinosaurs, bellies and leaves.
December.  I just give up.

Yeah, not as creative/amusing as years past.  It is what it is.


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