I am not normal.

Not like that’s a shock to anybody.  But still.

I just spent a while poking around a restorative cook stove website.  Yes, I know, I’m a dork.  And yes, this sucker is super pricey, but oh, do I want one.

Oh baby.  Side loading with a glass window so you don’t have to open it to see when it needs to be reloaded, can heat up to 2000sf, steel cooktop…  Pardon the drool on my screen here…

Only problem I could envision is during the summer when I don’t want/need to heat up the house but still need to can.  But, since I’m totally off in dreamland, I’d also have a well insulated/off to the side mud room with another stove for such purposes.  A girl can dream.

8 thoughts on “I am not normal.

  1. I think this is why, until recently, kitchens were so separated from the rest of the house.  But you’re not alone in wanting a stove like that!  I have room for one in my dream-house, too…

  2. @Mara – Yup, summer kitchens.  Mostly so you wouldn’t catch the house on fire from your stove, but still.@HennyPenne – Expensive up front or expensive if you don’t cut your own wood? Because honestly, if you plan to heat your house with a good woodstove, one of the [new] good, very efficient Blaze Kings or one of the other good brands that hubby knows about (I do diapers/garden, he does the wood stuff) costs at least $2000 now, if not more.  So getting something that cancook your chicken noodle soup, bake some bread, then keep saidbread warm for hours in the warming shelf in *addition* to keeping the house warm….  Ohbaby.

  3. Count me with the crazy. I love it. A stove that will heat my whole house unlike the POS that we’re using now.Can you smell my plotting?Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  4. @elvenmama – Depends on whereabouts you are (I forget which town you’re in)…  I know a bunch of people close tothe cities/suburbs there have just ripped out perfectly good woodstoves because of city ordinances and burn bans and all that crap, sothey weren’t even able to use them.

  5. I’ve often browsed websites looking at wood cook stoves like these and dreamed my own little dream. I LOVE them! I keep checking Craigslist for one, but haven’t found any that I like enough for the right price. A Summer Kitchen built separate from the house would be so nice to have for canning on the hot days. Maybe one day… 🙂

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