Holy crap, it’s a baby!!!

Yes folks, finally.  The cute big brothers first though. 

Okay, the stuff the midwife gave me was Black Currant Oil, not EPO.  I just couldn’t remember what it was.

2-2:15pm – I’m getting the 2yo down for a nap, and kinda drift off for a few minutes. 
2:30pm – I hear this loud pop.  From my uterus.  Couldn’t figure out what on earth it was, but it wasn’t my water.
3pm – Ouchy contractions start.  I call hubby and tell him to come home unless he wanted the kids running wild in the house while I’m curled up on the bed in pain.  Lots of contractions, and whoo boy, did they get intense quick.  Decide I really don’t need to take the cohoshes and false unicorn at this point.
3:30-4pm – Remember why I don’t like labor.  It sucks.
4:15pm – Midwives arrive, start setting things up, and I’m ignoring most of their questions because, well, I’m not paying much attention to them.  I’m moaning and semi-screaming through contractions – hubby shut the windows at some point, probably so the neighbors wouldn’t freak out. 
4:24pm  I get on my hands and knees since laying on my side doesn’t feel right, and I start pushing.  Head kinda comes out, hurts like the dickens, then moves back in again a little to wait for the next contraction.  Ouch.  Don’t miss that feeling, that’s for sure.
4:36pm – Baby’s out!  I’m so not moving quickly after all that, and they tell me to stay still.  Well, yeah, unless someone pushes me over.    They slide baby up and underneath me, and I look at the goods.  Several times.
It’s a girl!!!  Holy crap!  We thought for sure it would be another boy.
5pm – She latches on perfectly, and has definitely gotten some milk (still producing a little via the 2yo).  She just didn’t want to let go of that boob, and was probably latched on for a good 15 minutes.  Then we took a bath, got a little cleaned up, and laid down again to nurse and take a nap.
6pm – Midwives leave.  Apparently I’m a nice, quick, drama free client.    I try to take a nap, but it’s too much in the middle of the day for me to fall asleep.  Baby girl on the other hand has no problem zonking out after more boob juice.

Baby girl no-name-yet.
9lbs even
20.25 inches long
13.75 inch head
14 inch chest
And she had lots of vernix left on her – she probably would’ve been happy to cook another week or two at least.

First nap.

Some of my cuties.

28 thoughts on “Holy crap, it’s a baby!!!

  1. YAY! I was blog stalking and saw the pics first…then saw this post.  Congratulations! A perfect little girl! Hooray! ENJOY!

  2. Congratulations!!!
    I KNEW it was a girl. I just knew it! She is so beautiful. Welcome earthside little one!
    Okay I have to go read the whole entry now. I just skipped to the baby part. Haha.

  3. Oh I am just sniffling away! She was just taking her time and then came out with a bang…  Welcome to the world of girls Lanna – it’s a crazy one!

  4. Aww…congratulations! I actually just started reading your blog yesterday and was suprised to see this after your update this afternoon! 

  5. You Won! YAY! I’m so thrilled for you. Now you can rest. Or sort of. hahahah I’m up tonight with contractions. Hoping this is it and that they won’t stop. I’m SO jealous of your quick drama free birth! WOW. I’m a typical two day labor girl. We shall see.That little girl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!HUGS…Kirstin

  6. Congratulations!!!!!!!  I’m so happy for you.  She’s absolutely gorgeous.
    This makes me want to have another baby!

  7. congratulations!!!!! I had a quick one like that, and rocket fast under 2 hrs hurt like hell, don t they? there’s no coping, there’s just trying to keep your body from flying apart. what a ride! I giggled and thought that since she was late, maybe Patience sould be worked into her name.. lol! Im so happy for you, Lanna! Have a wonderful babymoon!

  8. sorry I forgot to check my xanga the last two days!! congratulations!! you got a girl!!!! can’t wait to find out what her name will be!! (we didn’t name Eva for sure until after a few days)I may have some baby girl stuff around… I’ll go thru my stuff and give it a look. =)

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