Damn hormones

Hubby went on a cleaning spree last night, while I had the energy of a slug.  Seriously.  So to make up for it, I spent some quality time downstairs cleaning out a cabinet for him to bring upstairs to the kitchen.  For extra storage so I can aim to not have so many piles on the dining table and kitchen peninsula, and to make it easier to stick a baby gate up so I don’t have to shoo kidlets out of the kitchen.

While sorting through my various crap in the cabinet and gathering a fair amount of garbage, I came across these.
This is what my happy memories of childhood involve.

That’s Grandma and Papa in the foreground.  Grandma died suddenly in 2000, Papa not-so-suddenly in 2006.
And I burst into tears.  I miss my grandmas.

We were on the cover of some magazine, I forget which one.  Those are their 3 combines, and one of the wheat trucks.  I think at the time there were 3, maybe 4 wheat trucks.  Back when you could actually make some money farming.  I got to ride combines, wheat trucks, maybe even a tractor every once in a while. 

And I remember that dusty old Mercedes bus… Grandma and I had plans to fix it up at one point.  I thought it was so cool.


3 thoughts on “Damn hormones

  1. Those are wonderful pics of your grandparents. What a treasured story, I am sure your boys will be delighted to hear it again and again. I understand about the tears. My grandmother is in a nursing home and can’t walk, fades in and out of clarity…unbelievably difficult for me, even though she is 90 years old this past March.

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