68 pounds of meat.

Yup, that’s right.  Kids and I went to the store today and bought 68 pounds of meat (well, give or take a pound because my math isn’t always 100%), 4 pounds of cheese, and a few other random things.  Pork, sausage, turkey, chicken, salmon.  Bet you’re wondering what the hell’s going on… my local grocery store had a 12-hour meat sale today.  Good for the budget, tight on the freezer.  I have chicken breasts out in coolers in the garage to deal with tomorrow – juggling all sorts of things in the upcoming week.

So, my day in pictures?

Yup, sausage.  One more double batch of spaghetti sauce on Saturday or so.

More Garlic Lime Chicken spice mixture.  Shouldn’t run out of it before May.  I think.

And if you’re not counting the baggies?  That’s 17 dinners up there.  Just for the freezer.  Not including what we ate for dinner tonight (well, then technically it would’ve been 18 dinners).  And that’s just all that I’ve prepped so far.  Not including the sausage and turkey breasts and whole chickens that will be meeting various kitchen appliances this week.  Apparently I’ve been scaring hubby a little bit.  No worries, I figure after today’s round of insanity I’ll be an absolute slug tomorrow.

And the prefolds that have shredded on the outer layer… Been cutting off edges, de-pilling with a lint roller (easier than picking everything by hand), and need to finish cutting those suckers up before my mom comes up on Saturday.  Crap.  Also means I need to de-laundry-tab a bunch of diapers tomorrow, too.  Blah.


5 thoughts on “68 pounds of meat.

  1. That was my exact response without reading the above comment — except, mine was “holy crap, that’s a lot of meat!”Good for you, mama!

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