I am stalking this on ebay.  A little afraid of the price it’ll go for, the bidding’s up to almost $40, and there’s shipping on top of that.

This is the kind of dress I’ve been looking for.  Tank straps that can cover bra straps (vs. those teeny straps on everything nowadays).  Low v-neck because anything higher or crewneck-ish just looks awful on me – makes my chest and ribcage look even broader than they already are.  Long, ankle-length skirt because I don’t look spectacular in short or knee-length skirts – they chop me up and make me look as short as my 4’10” mother.  And the design is just really pretty, not overpowering.  *sigh*  We’ll see if I have the balls to bid on it if the price doesn’t end up at $60.


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  1. the dress is beautiful! and I can’t believe how many green beans you have! I love green beans but I dont have enough fulsun – or evn partial sun for many. I get like 3-8 a week on average from my 5 little plants. heh.

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