Dh and I were talking about the kitchen today.  He didn’t realize how much thought I’ve put into it.  You know, because I spend so little time in there and all. 

Ikea has this handy little kitchen program you can download for free.  And mess around with your kitchen and all the crap you want in it.  It’s fun.

Here’s how it’d look from the top down.  The dark oval on the left is the dining table.

Top down, with cheesy computer graphics for the cabinets and appliances.

What you’d see coming down from the stairs.  Right now we currently have a peninsula/island that’d be coming out of the fridge.

From the wall behind the dining table.  That empty space on the wall is for the range hood.  That will vent outside.

Turning a bit more.  That’s just a cooktop stove there where the wall is bare.  A wall oven to the right with cabinets above and below.  And an empty counter with a roll-out prep cart underneath – so we have a moveable island as we need it (but then it can be put away to declutter the kitchen!).  Cabinets above that little spot for my crap like cookbooks and such.

Looking in from the yard through the see-through walls.


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