Yesterday’s harvest.

Half of which I promptly ate.  Homemade garlic-parmesan croutons.  Yum.

The fate of the zucchinis.

Half of which went into my amazing zucchini muffins.

Which the kids seemed to like.

Pulled up a Walla Walla sweet onion for tonight’s dinner.

First bruschetta of the season.  Tomato from the farmer’s market, mozzarella from Costco (the good stuff, in water), purple basil from the backyard, garlic parmesan bread.

The kid’s not quite 4yo.  Crazy.  He’s definitely got a bit of his dad going on in that blond little head.  Also glad we didn’t get a train table – those things aren’t near big enough for him to build his tracks.

Keeps growing.

I think the beans are planning mutiny.  Thinking of doing bean arches like Tabitha next year… would probably be prettier and the beans wouldn’t come after us…

See anything?

4 thoughts on “

  1. I cannot believe how big the “little” guy is getting!
    The bruschetta is making me drool, I kid you not.  You’re a cruel woman to post that when I can’t have any.

  2. MUFFINS! I love muffins sooooo much.your beans look fabulous! are you canning or freezing them? I made tomato sauce from my tomatoes two days ago and we;ve been eating zucchini and squash left and right. YUM! I think tomatoes are my least favorite food to cook. something about them I just don’t like…. the smell of them half way cooked is o gross to me. I can handle fresh or cooked… but half cooked for some reason or other makes my stomach turn! (am I as weird as I suspect?) next year I am aim to do pumpkins and onions and lots more beans! yeah I’m always thinking about “next year” as if I dont have enough to do this year!

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