We’re going shopping for a garlic press and some big boy underwear today.  Was thinking of hitting the children’s museum, but since I didn’t get an early start today, it’d be a disaster with cranky kids.  At least this way they *should* sleep either on the way there or on the way back.

The garlic press because I have killed two Kitchen Aid presses in less than two years, so now we’re going for the big guns with a nice, stainless steel German affair.  Plus it’s shiny.  And no way am I giving up garlic, especially when I plan to grow it next year.  We like keeping the vampires away. 

The underwear… because I’m hoping that since he’ll be picking them out he’ll be that much more likely to wear them.  Plus he desperately wants the Harvey that’s hanging out on the wall waiting for him to pee and poop in the potty.  A momma can hope, right? 

In really cool news, it sounds like I’m going Gravenstein picking on Saturday.
Not only is the high supposed to be 82*, but dh will be home.  So I can leave all the boys at home and go on my merry way not having to pack half the house with me to keep them happy and entertained.  All I’ll need is my water bottles and snacks.  I will be making a buttload of applesauce in the next two months – maybe later in early October if I get enough apples from our trees that the apple maggots and codling moths haven’t gotten.


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  1. Hope your shopping went well!Thanks so, so much for all your kindness and support while we’ve been going through this scary time. I really appreciate it! You are a sweetheart!

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