What I had for lunch and dinner yesterday (well, besides a few other things).  Fresh zucchini, a clove of crushed garlic (from farmer’s market!), butter, garlic salt, romano.  Yum.

The apricots.  Preserves have got to happen tonight, no ifs ands or buts.

Limped out to the garden to take some much needed photos.  Last ones can be found here.

Bay tree.  Hard to see the leaves, but they’ve multiplied.

Um, yeah.  Can you say beans?  That trellis in the middle?  Bean thingies (runners?) are almost a foot taller than the trellis.

Tomatoes.  Dh is still putting in the drip irrigation.  Still a little worried whether we’ll get much of a crop.  Or we might have a garage full of upside down tomato plants come September.  Who knows.

Salad bed is starting to fill out.

Little blooms on red potato plants.  I think you harvest the potatoes after the flowers have died and the foliage starts dying off, but I need to check.

The crazy grapevine.


Got zucchini?

Ummm, yeah.  More zucchini.  My bad.

Cucumbers and onions are coming along.  As a bonus, you can see gimpy me in the window and patches of our brown grass every which way.  I prefer to water food plants before grass, sorry water district and neighbors. 


7 thoughts on “

  1. Wow! Your apricots are beautiful! Your garden is doing GREAT! And…your lunch looks so good! Did you sautee the zuchinni and garlic in the butter? Or is the zuchinni cruchy? Anyway, it looks delicious. :yum

  2. Zucchini??  Ew. 
    The tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, and beans are making my mouth water.  That is one ambitious garden!

  3. everything looks so great!!! we are getting rain for the first time in weeks right now and i’m hoping it will help my wilting garden! plants do not like tap water!

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