My sister and her boyfriend are going to be visiting in 2.5 weeks.  And besides getting to see her again, guess what?  It’s the start of apple season here!  Gravensteins start ripening in two weeks, and I’ll be canning applesauce. So two extra adults around the house mean I have more ways to entertain the kiddos while I ignore them while dealing with food!

Also found a canned apple pie filling recipe.  Score!  I know what I’ll be canning in August/September.  Oh, and how much (volume) do you usually put into pies as filling?  Around a pint or quart?  Because a quart of pie filling just seems like an awful lot to me…


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  1. Oh.My.God!!!  How did I miss this……I have been looking for a recipe for pie filling to can!!  Thank you!!
    I’d say a quart as well.

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