Also plotting about how to get dh a “garage” for the truck and maybe even a little shop/storage area for him to putter around in. 

Okay, so this is what the house looks like from the street.

Our property (outlined in red) from Google Earth.  It’s at least two years old, and dh was woodcutting at the time – you can barely see the truck and his pile of wood to split there in the front yard.

The possible plan of attack may be to first get rid of that tall tamarack (to the left, kinda behind the truck and the trailer).  I have no emotional attachments to it, and dh says he hates cleaning up the needles.  Okay, good.  So then I’d still want to have apple trees.  We could get cute, young ones (apple strains of my choice!!!) and plant them nearish the edge of our property, like where the tamarack is and in front of it in a row.  Give the apple trees a few years to get older/mature and us a little time to save up some more cash.  Then when the new apple trees are producing, we can pull down the old ones (which at least the middle one is on it’s last legs as one entire giant branch is hollow), and dh can construct his own little hideaway next to the garage.  For tools, parking the truck, escaping from me and the kids, storing firewood, etc.

And following my own unique train of thought – I could try to have him make me a root cellar underneath/to the side!!!  If we’re going to have to dig a bit in that “hill” to get down enough to make the floor of the “shop” even with the garage, might as well add a little something for me, ykiwm?

Right now it’s just random thoughts, but it could potentially really work.  Depends on the county building permits at the time though.  Unless dh can make it completely separate from the house, but even then the structure may be big enough to fall under building codes anyway.  Darn bureaucracy. 


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