Photo time.

Two new rows of tomatoes/peppers/basil/tomatillos.  My seedlings didn’t get very big – next year I’ll need to mess around with my seed starting mix a bit.

Kootenai tomatoes and purple basil.  They like the garden’s soil. 

First tomatoes I’ve got, and the pretty purple basil.

The last batch of strawberry jam – I made it with honey instead of sugar.

Salad bed.  The lettuce is coming along.  Yes, I got heat tolerant stuff.  I plan ahead.

I believe I have carrot sprouts. 

Potatoes seem to be doing fine.

The garden from over by the apple tree.  Looks like an actual garden!

The grape vine.

And in the front:

Onions, cucumbers, marigolds, chives.

Lilies, roses, chives.

Zucchini, radishes, roses, more zucchini.

Roses, lemon thyme, zucchini, chives, three volunteer tomato plants.

In case that’s not enough, I’ll be back later after more weeding, mulching, and adding trellis netting.  Oy.


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