Spent about 5 hours outside weeding and mulching.  Lots more to do.  Oy.  But in cool news, the one purple basil plant I thought I killed came back from the dead!  Yay!

Now I just need to weed the last double row of beans and the row of peas and throw down some mulch around them and newspaper/mulch the walkways.  Not sure if there’ll be enough room to walk between them when everything starts shooting upwards of 6-feet, but we’ll figure it out.

Salad bed.  Parsley’s wilty (hell, I’m wilty – temps of 90-100* do that to this Idahoan), but the transplanted lettuce is starting to bounce back.  Waiting for little sprouts to come up so I can mulch instead of weed.  Can see part of the garden in the background, as well as one of the strawberry beds. 

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  1. Our garden is a disaster this year! I am going to have to live vicariously through yours! You have been a very busy gardner! It’s looking good and I hope you manage gracefully with all your beans!

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