First little radish of the season.  It’s so darn cute!  Yeah, it’s about the size of a marble, but it was also pushing it’s way into the world.

Beans, weeded beans, beans, weeded peas.  Need to finish weeding the other two rows of beans and throw down some mulch.  I have no idea how other folks do this, so I waited for the wanted stuff to get a little bigger before I mulch it to death so the weeds don’t make me want to shoot myself.

We have surviving raspberries!  Yay!  Only four have turned pinkish, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Farmer’s Market loot from today.  Cherries, garlic parmesan braid, Columbian coffee for dh, broccoli and fresh garlic.  Yum.


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  1. You are not so unusual.    I do lots of canning too and I’m 34 years old.  My family thinks I’m the “weird” one.  Like I’m a grandma flashback… I swear my dad always wants to raid my cellar for stuff I’ve canned whenever they come to visit.  It is sooo hilarious.  Kudos to you, I know how much work it can be, I have a 5, 3 & 1 year old.  Once you have all of your jars though, its so cheap!  The real investment is those darn jars, but my mother in law canned up a storm in her day, so I’ve plenty of them.  I’ve never done strawberry or blackberry stuff, what’s your recipe?

  2. With the strawberry jam I just used the recipes on the sheets in the pectin packages. Did one freezer recipe with the pink boxed Sure-Jell (a la Grandma) and a bunch more with Pomona Pectin. I need to can more things than freeze though as I’ve only got a 4-cubic-foot chest freezer and Grandma had 2 upright freezers in addition to a giant chest freezer that could’ve held at least 3 bodies (so she went nuts freezing blueberries, raspberries, soups, anything she could get her hands on). I can’t tempt myself that way, I know I have a problem.

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