Can I come shopping at your place this fall?
Not this year.  I’m working on getting a handle on what we’ll need for the entire year (for jam, applesauce, beans, etc.) and I’ll go from there.  Not sure if I want to completely turn into Grandma – who always sent home every one of her sons or their families home with at least 2 dozen canned goods in addition to one freezer box full of stuff, no matter how many times we visited.

My God woman……you’re gonna feed the whole state of Idaho!!!
No, not so much.  Just a husband, two little hollow-legged boys and maybe a few neighbors here or there. 

Now, off to post on craigslist for canning jars…

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  1. I practically had to wipe the drool off of my laptop after reading your post about the strawberries and looking at the gorgeous photos. I looooove strawberry jam!I gave you an award! Stop by Table for Five to see what it is!

  2. Gosh I know what you mean. My mom just retired all her canning stuff to me, except for a a small selections of stuff. Now I’m the one that does most of everything.
    I just did some (seedless) raspberry jam and will probably do more tomorrow.  And now I have to go and figure out why the kids are bringing chickens in to my house.

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