Dh found my keys.  I’m an idiot. 

Anybody know how or want to guess how long it’ll take me to pick 10-12 pounds of strawberries tomorrow morning?  I’m going here while strawberries are still ripe and around so I can make some *real* jam to throw in the freezer (or maybe can, we’ll see).  Bought a thing of jam from the store.  And I can barely smell it, let alone eat it.  So my little bottomless pits get to polish that off…    I’m hoping the big one will “help” me pick strawberries and the little one will be happy watching the scenery from the stroller or from my back…  I’m a little scared.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Yay for dh!  You’re not an idiot, you’ve got a lot going on. 
    Is there a pool?  I give you two hour,  based on………….absolutely nothing.  I have no firsthand knowledge whatsoever.  I just like to play along. 

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