Holy bean sprouts.  This morning when I watered, there were maybe six (in addition to the dozen or so bigger ones [started them a few weeks ago] that are my row markers).  This evening/late afternoon I counted 70 sprouts already.  Holy moly.  I have a feeling I may be canning enough beans to maybe last all throughout next year…

Kootenai tomato plants.  Cute, aren’t they?

The rest of the weeds to tackle this week.

Poor raspberries.  Hope they can recover for next year.

Little baby plums.  Or apricots.  Or something fruity.  We’ll see.

Little potato leaves.  Yes, I know I’m running late here.  It’s more of an adventure with these – if we can be sorta successful in a half-assed way, I’ll put more effort into more potatoes next year.

Left is the plum/apricot/fruity tree.  To the right is the volunteer (look for the green leaves, not the brown/maroony looking ones of the tree a few inches from it) that we think is similar.

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