My pelvis hurts again.  Oy.  Nobody ever warned me about this before I went and got knocked up.  At least shoveling and raking is a good workout.

Last night the hubby and I dug up more weeds and screened more dirt.  After he was done, I smoothed out the new little parcel of garden and planted snow peas, snap peas and 4 Kootenai Tomato plants.  And shoveled more bark from dh’s truck to the wheelbarrow, carted it to the backyard and mulched the raspberries some more.  I think they were just too big/tall when we transplanted them and won’t recover until next year.

Anyway, I am apparently quite an anamoly.  There I am, in holey jeans, with a nice coating of dirt on me, sweat in many places, and smudges of dirt/mud all over.  Standing in the bed of dh’s truck shoveling bark into the wheelbarrow.  You know how many confused/puzzled looks I got while doing this?  Way too many.  And for crying out loud, you go about a mile north of us and there’s folks with 10 acre farms.  Or a stone’s throw in any direction and you’ll find someone with horses on their property.  Seeing a dirty farm-type girl really shouldn’t be a cause to almost swerve on the road.  Although it did take me two rounds with the bar of soap to get all those layers of dirt off.  Wow.  I certainly don’t garden cleanly and pristinely a la Bree on Desperate Housewives.

Moving on.  I now have a few bean sprouts, yay.  Hopefully they’ll do fine even though I got them in the ground way later than I’d hoped.

Turns out we have a variety of noxious weeds in our garden/yard.  Fun.  Good thing I got new gloves.  That I’ve already scuffed up and broken in.

We have 3 chainsaws.    Dh is selling one of them.  Unless he plans to give the 3.5yo a chainsaw, there’s no reason for us to have more than 2.

Little guy has *really* been thinning out.  He’s working on running, or at least walking really really fast.  I need to dig up some recent photos nad compare with him today, it’s kinda crazy.  My chunky little guy ain’t so chunky anymore.

Asked the master gardener gals at the farmer’s market about our possible plum tree.  Supposedly all I need to do is come in with leaves from the tree(s) and they can tell me what they are.  Well that’s no fun, I want somebody to come out here and walk around with me.  So I shall put together my list of even more questions for when the kids and I trek down to the cooperative extension.

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  1. I know what you mean about being an anomaly. Today there’s a big community garage sale going on in the hoity toity neighborhood next to us. We live in this odd location, where we’re at the end of the road but surrounded by HOA developments, you know the ones with the cute little names like Springwood and Brookside. Anyway, we have to drive 7 minutes to get around to said communities but it takes 30 seconds if we cute though this little blocked off easement. So girlfriend, her daughter, me and my 4, plus a couple tag-along friends went to check it out. I had 45 minutes because I’m making crusty Italian bread today (to go with my Market goodies). We stopped at one friends house who lives in the HT neighborhood and her hubby being friendly asked what we were up to today.  I said, making bread. And he said, with a bread machine? And I said, Oh no, by hand. And you could have sworn that I said I was pulling bread out my ass by the look on his face.  I don’t even have a mixer that can handle bread dough so I have to do it allllllllllllllllll by wooden spoon.
    But seriously, my large veggie garden, my chickens and turkeys, that I can see as a bit odd, but not making bread by hand.  There has to be more of us out there. 😉
    Ohhhhh, and I have been battling bindweed in my garden. Good luck on the noxious weed wars.

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