The younger one can take off his pants and then take off his diaper that we put on backwards (i.e. aplix is on his butt).  It’s not amusing.  So, now I’ve been looking for 12-18mo onesies.  You know, little t-shirts with snaps at the crotch.

Well, joke’s on me.  All I can find is a few things at Children’s Place (I think their stuff runs small so it may not even fit the kid), or say, Zutano which has one (1) onesie for $12-$18.  Stupid retailers.


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  1. I have the same problem with both kids. it was annoying! seems to me I remember you saying this about your toddler too (a long while ago?)I did find onsies at some random store like babies r us ro something. somewhere I wuld NEVER normally go. also I used snapped diapers so she could not pull them off. and also… I put diaper cover over th diaper. anytign to draw attenionaway form the diaper. would diaper pins work? or would i ruin the diaper?

  2. I would have to double check more like search because I got rid a lot of my baby stuff last summer, but I may have some 12 mo – 3T onesies floating around. If I do, you can have them for shipping.  Just don’t get your hopes up. 🙂

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