I am now lusting over aprons.  I think dh’ll need to call the men in white coats soon.  But in my own defense, at least I don’t want a housecoat like what both my grandmothers wore. 

This one is so pretty, but at that price, I think I’d be afraid to use it out in the garden.  Who knows how heavy duty the fabric is.  Not to mention I’d probably need two or three so I have time to wash ’em.  Besides which, there are only two side pockets on this cute little number.  I want as many pockets as can fit on those – I plan to use them for picking produce from the garden.  Ever try harvesting something in a basket you have to either leave on the ground where a munchkin can tip it over or balance said basket on a very wobbly old raspberry trestle?  Well, it ain’t fun.

Or something like the tunic here, but with either one additional giant pocket (or two medium pockets) in the front.  Doesn’t hurt that I kinda like the colors on this pattern envelope, either. 

Now that I’m thinking about it, this kind of thing would come in handy during canning time… especially with jam or whatnot. 


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  1. as soon as i get bakc to that amish area (whih admittedly wont likely bee too soon as it’s LONG drive and Eva gets carsick) I promise ot get you oen from there. I almost bought you one the other day at the amish market but it was 20$ and I didnt have enough money =(

  2. How pretty! I’ve been looking at aprons, too. I only have one and it is just a half-apron that ties at my waist. That doesn’t seem very practical to me at all, so I rarely wear it.

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