Little guy isn’t walking so drunkenly anymore.  He’s thisclose to being able to outrun me.

Planted little zucchini plants and cucumber plants out front.  Waiting for more to sprout up from my “starts” before I transplant (that way I *know* where the plants are going to be, rather than have seeds just not sprout and throw everything haywire).  Planted radishes in the meantime.  Pink Beauty and Szechuan Red.

Got a family photo today.  And we’re all looking in the general direction of the camera, all eyes are somewhat open, and nobody has a constipated look.  Everything a mom could hope for.

Finished transplanting strawberries.  The remaining ones dh gets to kill and dispose of however he wants.  Two 4’x12′ raised beds covered with strawberry plants is plenty for one family.  At least so far. 

Also loaded up a friend with strawberries and a few peppers and tomatoes to start off her garden.  Because, well, I had extras, and I like her.

Seems like I spent half the week hanging out with our backyard neighbor.  She has a boy 2 months younger than my 3.5yo.  They get along as well as (selfish, territorial) boys can.  They’re slowly starting to do better, and keep bugging us about playing with each other (until we break down and call the other).  She is awesome.  She’s got two older girls (like 18 and 20yo), so the 3.5yo was a total surprise to her and her hubby.  She thrift shops like a maniac, bf’d her kiddos (for quite a while with the younger one, I forget when he weaned), was really thrilled/impressed I had a homebirth with the little one, etc.  This is just way too cool.  And she’s just across my backyard!  I’m so thrilled I may have made another friend. 


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