Just a quick one…

Big guy is 40.5 inches tall, and a whopping 35lbs.  I knew he was getting heavy.
Little guy is 30 inches tall and 20lbs.

They’re both nice and healthy, mostly in the middle of the growth charts (which I don’t put a lot of stock in anyway, but whatever).
Only “bad” things from the visit were that the little guy has a slight heart murmur and the shots.  One in each leg for each kiddo.  There was lots of howling.  Dh came bopping in after we’d been there for a little while (i.e. during his lunch break), and it was nice to have him there as an extra set of hands come shot time.  Plus I wanted him to meet the doctor and all that.  He likes the dr, too.    I’m still bf’ing, which the dr seemed kinda happy about, after I told him I was aiming to keep the little guy boobed up until at least 2yo unless the kid has other ideas.  I forget whether he was impressed that I nursed the big one until he was 28mo and I was 5mo pregnant with the little one and he self-weaned – but he didn’t give us a shocked or disgusted look.

So anyway, the heart murmur…  I could be all freaked out about it (I do have a family history of heart problems, that’s how I expect to die, anyway), but I’m really not.  I’ve heard I don’t know how many stories about kids outgrowing it that I’m not concerned.  We’ll go back in a few months, and if it’s still there, we’ll discuss seeing a ped cardiologist in the next (big) town over.  At the very least, it gives us some time to save up the money for such a visit.


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  1. Glad the boys are well! A few of my friends’ children have had murmurs, but in all cases they did outgrow them. Apparently, it’s quite common. It’s good to be aware of it so that you can keep an eye on it, but I’m sure he’ll be just fine. “Boobed up”–hee hee! I love that term! I hope to keep my baby “boobed up” for a long time, too. 28 months!? You are a nursing goodess! No wonder your little ones are so healthy.

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