Another strawberry bed has been assembled and mostly planted.  Need to top it off with the rest of the strawberries that need a new home.  And add compost and then mulch with straw.  But dh watered it into mud yesterday and it’s cloudy today (perfect for gardening!) so the soil won’t dry out for another day or three.  And as I found out last night, planting in mud sucks.

In other news, I called my doctor’s office today to make an appointment to start/continue shots for the kids.  And I should probably get a tetanus booster for myself at some point.  Anyway, the great receptionist actually remembers me now.    I think it’s kinda cool, but I’m weird.  At least she was apalled when I told her my last experience with a ped (the big one was a tiny 9mo, and they told me to stop nursing him so much and start feeding him Gerber meat sticks instead – I didn’t follow their advice and I never went back), and she’s a little alternative/hippy in her own way.    So now I just need to make sure I’ve got a lollipop or two for the big one and full boobs for the little one on Wednesday.  Plus I think the dog will distract them (receptionist’s dog hangs out at the office).

We’ll see if I get any gardening done today, it sure would be nice to. 


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  1. Stop nursing and start Gerber meat sticks instead? Wow! How fast did you run out of there? Man, that’s awful. Lollipops and full boobs … sounds like a great song if you ask me. lol. I hope you are doing well. Sorry for being MIA!

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