You know that feeling from, say, after giving birth where it feels like your pelvis/uterus is falling out?  Well, yeah, tmi, but I get that monthly now, it’s just not as strong as when I pushed out the almost-10-pounder.  And you know what exacerbates the pelvis-falling-out-of-your-body feeling?  Shoveling.  Shoveling rocks with a little bit of dirt. 

In not-so-tmi news, the little guy’s pretty much cruising around now.  Hates shoes and will scream bloody murder if you try to put actual shoes on him (he’s good with shoo-shoos though), but he’s getting close to being quicker than me. 

Still need to dig up and relocate our thyme and chives to up front.  Possibly planting strawberries again tonight, we’ll see how much sifting I can get done with “help” today.  Hopefully before my uterus falls out. 


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