The tomatoes I killed.

The tomatoes I’m hardening off.

Have I mentioned I hate rocks?

The homeless strawberries.  And weeds.  Lots of weeds.

More homeless strawberries.  Along the entire length of the 12-foot bed, 1-5 plants per pot.

I’m going to have some salad tomorrow.

Yum.  Not from our garden though.  I doubt those will even make it in the house.

What flower is this?  Dh thinks orchid.  It just appeared in the crap behind the garden recently.  Smells kinda nice.

Since I couldn’t get rid of enough strawberry plants and we don’t have the heart to kill a bunch, we’re frantically working on raised bed #2.  For the rest of the strawberries.


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  1. those are iris. my very favorite. and they withstand just about everything. bulbs flowers that come back forever. if you want you can thin them in the fall, spread them out and have twice as many next year. orchids are rarely “wild” and not nearly as hardy.

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