So.  How’s your day going?

I managed to kill 33 tomato plants, give or take.  Apparently I cooked them in the baby greenhouse last night/this morning.  Oops.  Nothing like doing something stupid, which I am a genius at.  At least a few survived, but this year’s going to be *very* light on Rutgers tomatoes.  I had most of the Rutgers outside, and only a few inside down in the pantry.

The big one managed to pee in a few spots on the carpet today.  While I was in the shower.  Since I was expecting company (turned out they couldn’t come) and the little one crawls/walks, I couldn’t use real carpet cleaner and cordone off half the stairs and living room.  To add insult to injury, I couldn’t even find any Febreeze to make it smell slightly better.  So my living room smells like strong 3.5yo pee.  Joy.

But.  I get to leave the house, by myself, to go to an optometry appointment this afternoon.
My current glasses, well, you can tell I have kids.  I got them almost 4.5 years ago (January 2003, when we conceived the big one, in case you’re curious).  Two years ago I had to replace one of the earpiece things because the big one broke the whole freakin’ thing off my lenses.  Shopko didn’t have the same glasses in stock anymore, so I got an earpiece that sorta matched and was good to go.  Last year the other earpiece gave up.  Replaced it with yet another different one.  So my current glasses fit weird, have been bent and twisted and smacked by kids, and are composed of three completely different pieces.  They’ve been giving me headaches.  I really should do dishes before dh comes home to watch the little hoodlums…


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  1. I’m sorry about the tomatoes. I hate it when I make mistakes like that. Been there, done that about the carpet. When ds was training it got to the point that I wished we had a dog to blame it on. Enjoy your alone time! You know you’re a mother of small children when a solo outing to the optometrist feels like a vacation.

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