Today was our fifth anniversary.  We’re so exciting, we hardly did anything.
Dh came home somewhere around 2-3pm, and promptly went upstairs to take a 2+ hour nap with the older one.  Having already been outside transplanting the remaining tomatoes and dealing with the non-listening 3.5yo, decided that wasn’t enough and went back outside with the 1yo to finish.  Besides, aren’t naps for mommies outlawed or something? 
Around 5-5:30, the older one’s banging on the screen door freaking out because he doesn’t have clothes on and wants outside.  *sigh*
Decide I’m beat, and I don’t wanna make dinner.
We hit a local deli and spend less than $10 for all of us.
The 3.5yo also gets to look at Thomas the Tank Engine stuff at the neat-kid-toy-store a few storefronts down.
On the way home we hit the donut shop for tomorrow’s breakfast – they sell out of my favorite pretty quickly in the morning (they make the donuts the evening before).
Then I get the kids on their way to sleepy-time, and head to the gym.  Come back, and dh is sound asleep in bed already.  Ah, marriage. 


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