Slight chance of snow tonight or tomorrow in/near where we live.  Or maybe slush.  We’ll see.
Makes me look not so crazy regarding not putting any of my plants outside yet. 

And why is it that mosquitos can find blood in my not-so-skinny arms on one *very* quick try, yet it took 3 nurses and finally IV Therapy to get an IV in me at the hospital I had the older one in?  They itch like crazy, too.  Argh.


One thought on “

  1. SNOW?!?!?
    Oh! And I’ve been meaning to ask you more about McEyeballs. That totally grossed me out and I have not had the slightest urge to go there simply due to your comment. I have to wonder which item the eyeballs are in, and I would rather not play that game. BARF!! Is there anywhere that states that fact though? I was just curious how much they buy….

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