I just ordered even more seeds.  *sigh*
The sad thing?  I’ll probably buy more next year, too.  I wonder if my eyes are going to be bigger than my stomach so to speak come harvest time.

In related news, I need to figure out where to locate two additional raised beds.  Maybe three if dh doesn’t die of exhaustion by then.  He wants to do it this year just in case the big pile of free dirt isn’t available next year.  So, I want to avoid the septic tank and drain field (just in case – I don’t want to have to dig up an entire bed of crops because our septic tank goes screwy), shady areas, and where dh wants to eventually put a shed out back.  Trying to recuit ideas/help from folks online for advice on where to put them, as I’m a bit wishy-washy right now.  I suck at permanent stuff like that, I freeze up in indecision.

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  1. What would you plant in them?  I would pick locations that are at least 75% full sun during the day.  If ya’ll get very hot over there during the peak growing time, then you could probably get away with 50/50 and be successful. You probably already know that, but maybe hearing it again will help. And yeah, stay away from the septic/drain field, that would totally suck if something happened. 

  2. Well, more like what *wouldn’t* I plant in them. I have enough seeds to probably last me years. I could just end up doing more of things like green beans that I could can or peas that I could freeze, lots more strawberries, whatever. I could fill them up, no problem.

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