Most of my strawberries have perked up.  Am giving away a bunch of
plants because we kinda have too many.  Especially now that we’ve
uncovered them so they can breathe and grow again.

The lilacs are blooming.  The smell is heavenly.  Dh has the camera, so no photos, sorry.

think I’ve been gardening around the little ones a bit too much.  The
1yo upon seeing that his brother was outside was to whine at the screen
door.  When I plopped him outside, he immediately goes for the little
trowel.  And starts trying to scoop up dirt to put in one of my 3-inch
pots.  Yeah.

Oh, and he’s sort of walking.  Here and there he’ll
just start walking across the room because he can and he thinks no one
is paying attention to him.  Crawling is still a crutch.  He’s still
darn cute though.

It figures that dh is out of town when the little guy starts to walk across the kitchen after me…


One thought on “

  1. I love lilacs.  Ours peaked about 10 days ago. 
    Yay for the little guy!  He’s going love all the havoc he can wreak while walking.

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