My dh totally rocks.  And no, I don’t share. 

All that dirt?  He shoveled/screened into the truck and hauled it home.  Nice, loose, sifted dirt with *no* rocks!

What it currently looks like.  Going to get more strawberry plants in there tonight.  Lots more.

The little one likes dirt.  Dirt and shovels.  Screams if you try to take away the shovel.

Did I mention he likes to eat dirt?  No?  Well he does.  Doesn’t think the taste of it is all that awful.  But he eats regular food – kiwis, strawberries, bananas, green beans, carrots, peas, etc.  Whatever.  First time he did it I just started laughing maniacally, waited till dh came to the backyard to witness it, then stopped him.  Well, at least attempted.  The kid likes his dirt.

They like playing outside.

The old strawberry patch.  Will be tomatoes.

See this little dug up portion?  That’s what’s in the raised bed.  I underestimated how many strawberry plants we have.

Today and tomorrow and how ever many days after it takes (when the sun goes behind the neighborhood trees at least) will be spent digging up more strawberries and pruning those suckers.  I didn’t thin them or pull off runners in the last two years.  Oops.

So now my hands hurt.  This one has a blister that I got digging up the crap (i.e. 2-foot tall weeds) in the other half of the garden.  I looked like a lunatic chopping down and flattening the damn foliage with the shovel (we don’t have a scythe), then shoveling it all up.  I promptly popped said blister when I started helping dh shovel the fresh dirt into the raised bed.  My hands hurt.  And I still need to do onions and rosebushes today.  *sigh*


3 thoughts on “

  1. Dirt with no rocks. That’s like a naughty fantasy around here.
    I think I shall go out and take some pitcures for you.
    I’m drooling over your rockless dirt.

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