For the record, it took me over an hour and a half just to scrub down the car.  Not only was it filthy, but I had my “help.”  The older one had so much fun with the sprayer and big puddles of water in our driveway, that he keeps trying to convince me to wash the car again. 

ETA: The digging of those raised beds is all dh.  I haven’t done squat in that area, other than tell him where I want them.  He wants me to post photos of all the soil/rocks.  Our “lawn” is at least half rocks.  It’s insane.  So he’s been screening what he digs up, and I believe he’s already dumped one or two wheelbarrows of rocks across the street.

And those flats of seedlings?  And entire afternoon.
This is what I do when we don’t leave the house because the boys stagger their naps to drive me nuts.  The little one’s coming around to seeing that grass isn’t entirely evil though, which is nice.  I just make sure he’s got pants and socks and his little shoo-shoos on so the grass doesn’t attack his legs, and he’ll crawl around or cruise circles around the little slide.

I *still* don’t have enough 4″ pots for all my transplants.  It’s nuts.  I think I kind of over planted.  Just slightly.  We’ll see how many I killed during the transplanting though – a bunch of roots stuck to the yogurt cups so I couldn’t get them out.    So I shall be visiting the Tomato Lady again on Sunday (she’s closed today).  She seemed to like the (idea of the) relish I brought her as a thank you.  She even sent me on my way with an Alpine Strawberry plant – for free!  But I also need to buy a few heirloom Kootenai Tomato plants from her later, so I figure it’ll work out.    If only I had an extra $400K, then we could buy her house and acreage (she’s been trying to sell it on and off for over a year – she bought another house a little more out in the country).  Like an acre and a half, 2 greenhouses, a garden rivaling the size of my grandparents, a qonset (how on earth do you spell that?) hut as a shop/store, a garage, a large chicken coop, and the house.  There might be a root cellar somewhere, but I haven’t seen one yet; and we’ve wandered all over her property with her.  Well, that was a brain dump.  I really should balance the checkbooks now… 


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  1. yogurt containers!!! what a frigging genius idea! why did I not think of that!? if onlyyou had posted this earlier, Lanna… geez get on the ball! you need to give me ideas 2 months ahead of time you know? I can steal ideas once the time ha passed =Pyou’re the smartest back-yard raised bed kinda garden mama I know so find reasding your blog a lot better than reading the books (plus it’s more entertaining!)

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